Magical Beginnings

The start of every IPC unit begins with an Entry Point Activity.  These activities are designed to ‘hook’ the students attention and interest.  This year all our students in Primary are starting off the year with a mini-unit on Learning.  Our Entry Point was watching a magic show.  Trollkarlen (Magician) Mr.


Dannyman visited SIS on Friday morning and performed an array of astounding magic tricks for us.  He held both students and teachers alike in wonder and amazement as we marveled at the acts performed.  Amongst the outbursts of Oohs and Aahs, laughter and clapping, comments such as “How did he do that?” or “That’s impossible!” were heard numerous times.  Our entry into learning something new often begins with the same such statements.  Tying one’s shoelace can seem magical if you haven’t learnt the skill yet.  Solving for multiple variables in an algebraic equation still mystifies me, even though I have practiced the skill (albeit a few years ago).  So as our students embark on there first unit of study, I hope to hear more of the same types of questions and statements around the school.


About David Osler

Principal at Stockholm International School
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